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Cricket Shack | Chef Mahesh | Part 1

The three reasons why I love this dish - Crispy, Cheesy and Creamy.

Inviting Foodies to Cricket Shack: I suggest tp try out Loaded Potato Skin from Cricket Shack. I originally thought to write “Signature Dishes of Chef Mahesh,” but afterwards I decided to brand his various dishes in a creative way. It was a month back that I recommended Cricket Shack to my brother who came for a short vacation and I got good feedback from him. They enjoyed the ambience, live music and food.

"We at LightBox brand products with a creative and innovative approach. Now we stepped into food branding,in association with @quotendeal."

I really got confused with the theme when I first visited Shack. Its a cricket theme based restaurant with a bunch of Cricketers Photographs and live music in the background.

The next thing I noticed is their unique menu with a lot of signature continental dishes. It was completely new to me and i decided to have a starter before the main course. I ordered loaded potato skin and waited for a few minutes. While I was waiting for my dish, the chef came to my seat and introduced himself to share his experience. I was really impressed with the way he presents the dishes to me. I feel proud to have him in my home town where Techies from all over India came for job. And of course we do need a continental menu to invite foodies from across the globe.

I haven't seen a theme based restaurant like Cricket Shack ever before in Trivandrum.I assure you that Cricket Shack is a perfect hangout for foodies in Trivandrum.

After few minutes my starter came to my table and it was a nicely baked cheese loaded potato skin with rich sour cream . The superior quality food is worth waiting and Heart melting equally.

"After enjoying the yummy dishes from Cricket shack  , I requested my branding team to brand Chef Mahesh and his signature dishes. In quick time frame our team launched a vlog to introduce him across the Globe."

"Thank You Chef Mahesh for introducing various continental dishes at Trivandrum and

Best wishes for your new ventures "

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